Friday, June 29, 2007


Sakura flavored Kitkat! LoL I mean i know kitkat in Japan has alot of different flavors like green tea and other things, but its the first time i see a sakura flavored kitkat! :D
食べてみたい! I'd like to try it for sure! (^_^)

looks tasty!^^

Hope that you liked the blog new look! mate ne~!(^o^)/


We had a meeting today in the Japanese Embassy for the Youth Exchange program that will take place in Japan. It was so fun. (^o^)
We, the members of the Jordanian delegation to Japan, met and exchanged ideas about Japan and discussed things that we will talk about in the conference sessions. We will represent Jordan in many aspects including traditional culture, in addition to the discussion sessions there will be also home stay with Japanese Families...(this is the most part im looking forward to do).
The Japanese Ambassador also came and welcomed us!
We also met with ex-participants of this program and listened to their own experience in Japan.
I can say a BIG ADVENTURE is awaiting us. Cant wait! XD
At last the embassy served us Sushi! It was so OISHII!!^^ this is my second time trying Sushi, and i can see that i like it more and more each time i try it. See the picture below.


I was once told that the Japanese Language experience is a fruitful experience. 誠! This is so true, the more hardwork you give Japanese Language, the more you get rewarded(sooner or later).
I am very glad that Japanese is a major part of my life! (^_^) Part as a Language, as friends being SENSEIs,Students or even the Embassy folks, and even part of my study future!
Thank God for everything.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

For 日本語 learners! (2)

Kanji Gold

A Kanji Learning software that has alot of useful features!
You can choose kanji to learn/test yourself in ,according to the grade in which its taught in Japanese schools.

A snapshot:

Click here to Get KanjiGold!

Hope you like it.
mate ne~!(^o^)/

Saturday, June 23, 2007

日本語でのCircle of Life

Reminds me of the old days! but this time in Japanese!(^_^) i loved this Japanese version very much.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For 日本語 learners! (1)

Something VERY USEFUL for us,Japanese Language learners!

1) RIKAI chan:
(Highly recommended by kanji-chan!! i feel that i'm a software too by giving myself the "kanji chan" name!lol XD )

Rikai chan is an add-on that can be installed on the firefox web browser. Using rikai chan will enable you to see the reading/meaning of Japanese words and kanji on any webpage just by hovering the mouse over it! i really love this tool,it saves me much effort when i compare it with what i used to do to get the kanji reading or meaning using MS word!(some of you might know what i am talking about)^^;


rikai chan is also available for some other languages.

Get it from here : GET RIKAI CHAN!!

To install it you need to make sure of :
1)That you have Firefox web browser
2)That you download the 2 files : the add-on and the dictionary as shown below :

Another useful software for nihongo next post!
mata ne~!(^o^)/

Sunday, June 17, 2007

私の一番好きな漢字::My favorite KANJI

I love Japanese Kanji so much!(duuh kanji chan deshou!^o^)
But my favorite one is YUME.
You can see it has 2 sub-parts that i recognise : YUU「夕」(evening) and ME「目」(eye).
So a Dream is something you see at evening when you are sleeping.(or so i think!correct me if i am wrong about this kanji!)

What do i like about it? I like the word "yume" itself. And i like the shape of this kanji too. I write it so often!
Whats your favorite kanji?(^_^)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Found them!見つけた^^

While writing the previous post, i was looking for 2 images.But i didnt find them. Today i accedently found them hidden in one of the many folders scattered all over my desktop.
I took these pictures during this year's Spring. Remember the "Golden Wheat field" picture of the previous post?
The pictures below show the same place.It's near to where my house is.
It looks so lovely in i miss spring during these hot days!!(O_o)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random news!

Two days ago i decided that i have 2 clean and re-arrange my room.
My room is somehow small and i share it with my little sister. Each time i rearrange things in my room, i feel that i'm playing the sokoban game! hontou da yo!! See the picture below if you want to know what i mean :

My messy room in the middle of cleaning process :p

A version of the SOKOBAN game

Today i went for a small walk in the neighbourhood and took these pictures:

I like this place very much.

Japanese language in IRBID!! no way! :D (enlarge the image 2 see the nihongo)

Other random pictures i have been keeping since weeks waiting 2 be posted on the blog :

Golden wheat fields in Irbid

Nice to meet you! "TADASHII NIHONGO "My beloved japanese book. This is one of the books that Dad used in the past. I believe its an old book,yet very rich of info!!

A very nice sunrise picture NOT taken by me! i rarely wake up this early. Guess it was my sis who took this picture. Sunrise..or shall i say HITACHI ? :D

Thats all for today. Hope you liked the post!
K-chan signs out!mata ne~! (^o^)/ relaxing! =p

Some cloud pictures i took from my university last semester. I like clouds when they look like this!

"Clouds has nothing TROUBLESOME(MENDOUKUSAI) to do, all what they do is floating!!"
I remember this quote from SHIKAMARU in the anime Naruto! ...makoto!! (^_^;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

COMMENT please! =D

Hi all! Please leave a comment if you read this post. I'd like to know how much traffic does actually reach my page! ^^


Fun times in IRBID ^^

Me and friends went out yesterday after we finished the exam. We had great times and laughed alot! i missed loud laughs during the passed days(@_@)
I was craving for a cheese cake from pizza hut since the exams started and couldnt get one until yesterday...It was the best cheese cake i ever had XD cheese cake at pizza hut rocks!! (in less than 10 seconds, the plate shown below was totally empty!!)

Top View! :p

Side view!! :D

Actually i ate alot! thats why i felt we needed a walk. I took nice pictures while walking our way.

Irbid-University street circle

Hello world! ^^

see you next post! (^o^)/

ただいま!!::K-chan is back! Report 1: The Seminar

4th year is finally over! yo minasan! tadaima!! \(^o^)/
Today was my last final exam. For those who are interested,the subject was Image processing. I did good but not perfect.
lets start from oldest 2 newest news :

-Our graduation seminar was good from our side (our=we the group)! We called ourselves "Team roboTECH". i guess its a nice name! n here is our logo (designed by me, all rights reserved! :p )

i just checked the marks, it was an A. But i was disappointed by the way the seminar was held. I mean,its sad how a student works for a whole year for his graduation project to ,at last, give him only 20 minutes to present everything!! that's totally unfair. Im sure the commitee did not understand 70% of the efforts done. One professor of the comitte was totally mean. X(

I believe the mark was not fair too. If i knew the seminar would have been so, i would have been less stressed about it.(and probably wouldn't have killed myself working for it! ) (O_o)
I believe our university is great. Im proud to be a J.U.S.T. student. Yet i believe some things must be changed! I hope to contribute this change one day!

Any way here are some pictures regarding the graduation project :

Our robot. We used a toy car to build an intelligent robot that can explore areas and come out with a map for the area.It can avoid obstacles.
Don't want to go through more details cuz i know they will be boring to read!

Team roboTECH happy after the seminar with robot san. I'm to the left!

More news to come soon in the next post, i dont want to make this post longer than this! (^_^;)
mata ne~!