Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello everyone!
In the coming period I am going to be extremely busy~~ better said "critically busy" @_@
The BIG challenge of the entrance exams is coming soon and there are so many things to study. These exams will be a turning I will stop updating this blog for a least 2 months ^^; .. (I can hear your "eeeeeee!!" )

Wish me luck and look forward for a bunch of nice posts and information after my comeback!

永久 天日

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Earthquake 震度6+/ Richter 7

My day started with an earthquake when I woke up to find everything in my small room is shaking.

According to the limited experience I gained so far, I would estimate it to be somewhere between shindo3 to shindo 4 .
I wasn't that scared because I thought it was one of the usual daily life shakes, rather I was thankful for it because it saved me from oversleeping since I have a lot of things to do.
But when I searched the net later on, I realized that it's not as simple as I thought.

In fact the earthquake center was near Iwate prefecture to the north and it measured shindo6+ (around Richter 7) there!
It was strong enough to make the shaking occur in Tokyo as well.

This picture shows the shaking intensity over the different regions of Japan
I always check this page after each earthquake, but I never saw the map this "colorful" before><

You can see the NHK news footage HERE.

I hope that you have noticed that in Japan the SHINDO(震度) scale is used which is different from the Richter one. More information HERE.

And to make this post more informative(or maybe thrilling (笑)) a big earthquake is expected to happen in the Toukai area..which is called the Toukai earthquake, since the last time a major earthquake hit this area was in 1854.

..Amazingly, I remembered that yesterday before I went to bed, I was wondering about the fact that no earthquake has occurred for a while.
Shouldn't think of this anymore! ^^;

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Japanese TV teaches Computer Engineering..for kids!

*Information added*
Most parents have no idea that when their kids watch this show, they are learning a very important concept of computer engineering.

Please see the video by clicking this link first. (Sorry for not embedding it, this video has no embedding permission)

This is part of a very famous show for kids called ピタゴラスイッチ= Pythagoras Switch. This dance is called the Algorithm March=アルゴリズム行進
So did you figure out the computer engineering concept? :D
It's an 8 stage pipeline. 8 not because there are 8 men but because there are 8 movements. Each man represents one instruction.
More about instruction pipelining here.

It is really good for kids to see such brain stimulating things at an early age!
See this video of a Japanese kids dancing with another dance from the same show :


Monday, June 02, 2008


Good morning Tokyo~
Today I woke up before my alarm clockS ring by 30minutes~ (notice colckSSS, not one clock!).
This became really rare to happen recently^^;
Wait, no no no!... I didn't make a new post just to tell people that I woke up early on my own! ww But I also want to share a nice song that always succeeds to inspire me every morning.
People who watch the anime Hunter X Hunter will recognize it, but this is the full version of the song..It's really nice!! :

English translation and ROMAJI

Japanese Lyrics