Friday, August 31, 2007

Pichu's new cage

Today i bought my hamster pichu a new bigger cage. Pichu thinks the new cage is much more fun than the old small miserable one! lol

Before :

Pichu in the old cage, no much space for such an energetic hamster!


Discovering the new home!

he likes that house-like thing and he even sleeps inside

mmm..could it be that one of his ancestors was a monkey??!! lol

dewa mata ne!


Friday, August 24, 2007

H.R.H. Princess Raiyah, sugoi! (^o^)

Some time ago, I was told that H.R.H the princess Raiyah was learning Japanese language. But she is doing more actually like being involved in activities in Japan presenting Jordan...and in Japanese language^^
Sugoi to omoimasu!! ^^ Watashi wa Princess Raiyah no fan ni narimashita! :D
see the link below from the Japanese Embassy in Jordan website.

Click here

dewa mata!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The weather has been very hot for some days now

Today 36?..It feels much more than that!!(>_<) Good chance to learn the kanji for "atsui"= hot :

This is used for the "ATSU" part of ATSUI
And its really a too hot kanji..u see it has two suns(日)!! :p

I wonder if this is useful for anyone since most of my blog visitors are either Japanese or Japanese language students who ofcourse know this kanji (-_-; )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dreams do come true - 3 Final set

Hi again, long time no J-pictures^^ Enjoy the last set of pictures, here i will put the images i was intending to put in 2 or 3 seperate posts all in this one post.

Environment course members. Yatsuhigata nature observation center.

I can do furoshiki!^^ arigatou S-san and Y-san

With the Shinkansen(bullet train)

Taken from the shinkansen on the way to Kyouto

Afkar san-me-Alise san in Miyama/Kyouto
Miyama is wonderful,,the nature there is unbelievable!!

Miyama/Kyouto comment..the picture is speaking-miyama

I love Miyama ^^

Going wild with the drums (taiko) ..sore sore!! ..
We did a great performance with taiko..yea they trained us

With some cute kids that performed a great taiko performance for us.
Their sensei is standing behind

Artistic ne~! ^^ - Byoudouin


With kind fishing ojisans in Kyouto

youkoso! :p

Kyouto city view from Kiyomizu-dera..wonderful view

Another nice view from Kiyomizu-dera

The..umm..the..the thing!^^; i dunno what is it called. Tell me if you know please!

Akiba-Very funny expression..dunno why i looked like this! lol
i added my own drawing to it in white..i believe this is the closest anime expression to mine :p

Tokyo Tower ☆

Tokyo Tour with volunteers/lunch

LoL..In the NYC
ice breaking games

Cultural exchange program - Youkoso Yorudan! ^^

That's all folks! I hope that this enormous number of pictures wont put the blogger sever down!:p
Such a great 21 days we had! I thank God that i finally made it! :) and I thank everyone who contributed to the success of this program.
And ofcourse,alot of thanks to k-s,without your support in the supikon, i wouldnt have lived my dream in reality! ( ^_')b doumo arigatou gozaimashita!!!☆ (bow)
see you next post and keep commenting! :D

very small..very important!!

While being in Japan, i wouldnt have sold this even for $10000!!
My laptop charger,my camera charger,my mobile phone charger..all are completely useless in Japan without this small cheap piece!

Today's post star! ..really important!! my precious little thing! :D
Back view

Outlets look like this

Because electric outlets in Japan are ones like the picture above, i was unable to charge my electric stuff which have our usual 2-pin shape plugs.
Ofcourse, everything was ok as long as we were in the hotel since they provide ones..but in the 4 days we spent in the NYC (national youth center)..all my devices went dead because i couldnt find this precious plug anywhere in the shops near by...i missed alot of things that i should have taken pictures of because of this actually.

Front view :p
So when we returned to the hotel and finished our NYC activities, where would you normally head?? ofcourse to Akiba!
i bought myself one from Akiba because i would need it in in the homestay and in the hotel in kyoto in case they didnt have ones.
Totally useful small thing!!
If you are going to Japan, bring one with you or make it the first thing you buy if you care about your chargable devices.
...And yea make sure that your device's adaptors support a range of voltage that covers the voltage used in Japan(100 volts input)!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kyouto mood

I can't get this song out of my head!

まる たけ えびす に おし おいけ
あね さん ろっかく たこ にしき
し あや ぶっ たか まつ まん ごじょう
せった ちゃらちゃら うおのたな
ろくじょう ひっちょう とおりすぎ
はちじょうこえれば とうじみち
くじょうおおじで とどめさす


maru take ebisu ni oshi oike

ane san rokkaku tako nishiki
shi aya butu taka matsu man gojyo
setta cyaracyara uonotana
rokujyo santetsu toorisugi
hiccyoukoereba hati kujyou
jyujyoutoujide totomesasu

Anyone familiar with this?
It is the song that all kyouto children know. It counts kyouto streets in order, so it is said that if you know this song you wont lose your way in kyouto.

Speaking about kyouto, i recommend watching detective conan movie#7 "The cross road of the old capital" because it is full of places and information about kyouto.

A scene from the movie where a young girl sings the streets song

For me, i watched it near 1 year ago and when i came back from Japan i watched it again,i enjoyed it MUCH more in the second time...because it is really fun to see places in Anime that you've actually been to!^^
Also it is good to watch it if you want to know how to sing the above song! is still there in my head!(O_o)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's free to comment!! (O_o)

Looking at my clustrMap i can see that my page is viewed from many places around the world.
AND! looking at the number of comments i get i can see that only 3% or 4% of the total visits leave comments.

So PLEASE COMMENT if you visit my page and like the posts!! (^_^) It's 100% free!^^;

I noticed that recently i am blogging about Japan 99% of the time..and i actually enjoy it! But i guess i need to have some other topics. I'll try my best to invent new topics,no guarantees! :p
mata ne~!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dreams do come true-2::Where is MOHAMMEEED?!!(^▽^)

The 2nd "episode"now starts!
Featuring wasabi no mohammad san! ..and following T-sensei style,i say : " may you never ever become maigo again! lol "(^▽^)

With JICA no Iwashita san and some friends..kappazushi de~su!^^

I guess this picture was taken in kiyomizu

From right to left top row: One of the tour volunteers, Iwashita san,Leader san.
lower row:me,mohammed san..."where is mohammmeeeedd??!"

Doing calligraphy

Infront of Hachikou in Shibuya,posing like T-sensei in one of his pictures:D

Kinkakuji~~~!!!!!how i love this place!

Group picture in miyama in a traditional house, here we learned to do alot of things using straw (traditional skills)

more to come soon. Otanoshimi ni!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dreams do come true - 1

Hey everyone! here comes the first set of pictures of Japan. Those pictures are from the first 5 days. Enjoy!

Going into the plane from paris to narita airport tokyo.
The real beginning of the adventure!So much excitement at this moment.XD

The start of a new day from above the clouds on the way to tokyo.

Arriving to narita airport. Seeing Japanese signs everywhere brought tears to the eyes!
(I was still not believing im finally there and was waiting for myself to wake up to find that it was another Japan dream! lool ..but luckily it was real this time^o^)

On the way to ANA intercontinental hotel that is located in Roppongi.
I guess this pond is part of the imperial palace...for me it looks like a sea of green tea!(^▽^)Ocha no ahamado san, at this point i remembered you! lol

The Jordanian me posing like Japanese ^^
This was in the international youth conference.
During this event, i spoke Japanese like i never did before.
And it felt good hearing "nihongo jouzu desu ne!" like 1000 times!..but it was very troublesome to keep saying "iie iie mada mada desu ne!" lool
In this event we put on our national custom,,although the dress code was formal. We were told by ex-participants that we wont need formal clothes,only the leader needs to bring it,so no body brought it ..but it was required in many occasions! Thank God Japanese consider the national dress as formal!
And for you who are going next year : BRING YOUR FORMAL CLOTHES!!

Seeing the sun for the first time in Tokyo..maybe that was after 4 or 5 days! The weather was humid and rainy most of the time, yet still hot...tsuyu desu.

The Discussion Session Environment course members.The institutional visit.This was the first activity of the busy discussion session days. Taken infront of the MIRAIKAN.

Inside the miraikan. There was an Asimo show,please notice it in the background because the background is more important here!:D ..actually we were not supposed to stop an watch it since its not part of the environment demonstrations..BUT all of us forgot all about the environment demos and came to the asimo corner! lol after all being with asimo face to face is a rare chance that i couldn't miss!! XD Unfortunately i only have this stand-still picture of asimo..other than that i only took videos of asimo in action.

Rainy night adventures in Tokyo streets. Most days we were busy in activities,,so we had free time during dinner time only in those days, so these pictures were from the Jordaninan delegation dinner hunting adventures lol
Upper row : Dania san, Afkar san,Ahmad san,Leader san and Samer san.
Lower row: Khalid san, Samar san and me san :p
2 people are not present

During one of the 2 free days. Finally my first encounter with Akiba!!!\(^▽^)/
Akiba discovery subgroup
Starring : My boots, wasabi kun boots and ahmad san boots :D

Akiba. L in his original land! waah i always remembered death note each time we enter metro stations!!

To be continued

Saturday, August 04, 2007

ただいま~!(^o^)/ ☆ I'm back!

Hi everyone!! i'm finally back from my 21day adventure in Japan.
What can i say! it's a dream that finally became true^^
I returned home on the night of the 1st. Because we went through france,our flight was really hard.Tokyo-paris 13 hours flight, wait 9 hours in paris for the next flight,and 5 hours from paris 2 as u see it was really 大変!

Regrading the previous post, im very sorry it was such short..but i swear i wrote it while my parents were waiting for me in the car outside to take me to the airport!! so writing that post was the last thing i did at home before i got to Japan.

During this trip we made alot of friends from many countries that were participating in the exchange program.
For me, it was really a great chance to enhance my Japanese by making as much Japanese friends as possible. And yea,my japanese conversational skills improved...yokatta!

The youth conference and discussion session took most of our time,it was really fun working with people from around the world.
In Tokyo,i was thinking : "i ain't leaving Japan without visiting Akiba and hachikou in shibuya".And i did ^^ may God bless the Ginza line!! (^o^)
Actually i went to Akiba and shibuya twice :p ..other places i went to in Tokyo were odaiba and asakusa.
Also, in Tokyo we met with our beloved sensei's T-sensei and K-sensei..Thank you so much for your visit!! we were very happy! (^o^)/

As for our local program, we went to Kyouto. Kyouto is the old capital of Japan.I can call it the traditional/cultural capital of Japan. Nature in Kyoto is amazing!! i can't describe in words, i'll let the pictures speak in the coming posts.
To be honest, by visiting Kyouto, i realised that Japan is not all about Tokyo. Tokyo,being more advanced as i could see, is different than kyouto. But each one is special in its own way! Tokyo for the technology and high buildings, and Kyouto for its nature and temples. You cant say that one is better than the other.

Results : I even love Japan more now! ( ^_')b ..and believe it or not, i love Jordan more now too! Through our cultural events i came to know more about our "own" culture and i even like and respect it more now.

I wont put more pictures in this post, i'll just make it as an "I'm back" notice, and as a quick summary for the whole trip. Then i'll organise my pictures in 6 or 7 posts and publish them soon.

See you next post!! keep commenting!!mata ne~!(^_^)/