Monday, December 29, 2008


Well I'm sure he has already seen alot in the 4 or 5 years he has lived up to now.. more than you or me would ever see in a life time ><
4.5歳なのに大人よりもいろいろ見てしまったに違いない orz

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Jumping between links over the internet will sometimes get you unexpectedly stuck to something.
I've just found out that there is a live action movie for "the Grave of the Fireflies".

I remember I watched the animation version some years ago and it was so good that will truly move you and will leave you for sure with some affection tears in the eyes.
But things are way different in this live action movie,, at some scenes I just started to officially weep!! (;_;)
The characters closely resemble their Anime counter parts and the little girl is just great at doing her role and they talk with the nice accent of KANSAI in the movie.
...Any way, it has a lot of parts on Youtube. This is the link for the first part, and you can find the rest from the "related videos" panel.. a MUST SEE

Just remember to thank God for everything, because what looks a trivial daily life for you is the ultimate dream of someone suffering somewhere else..
Remembered my speech at the Japanese language speech contest.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I think you can recognise the little guy in this upcoming movie trailer (^▽^)
I don't think it will be that interesting as a movie but it brought back some memories.
(its exceeding the writing space margin >< will upgrade the page design when I have time~)

This is the Arabic anime opening..very old!!XD

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The latest NICE song by GReeeeN. TOBIRA.
Very energetic and very inspiring.
This can be heard in konbinis and fast food restaurants a lot recently.




待ってくれない 時は過ぎ去って
あなたに 今見える未来から 目そらさずに

意味のない事は 何一つ無いって気がすんだ
思い切りやり抜いたら 気持ちハレバレ
振り返れば ほら見えるだろう?歩んだ道のり
恐れずに次の一歩 ほら 踏み出せ!!!

君が開く その目の前に 明日の自分は見えていますか?
新しい扉のその先に きっと出逢える

ほら?どうした?暗い顔 ツライかもしれないが さぁ笑おう
黙っても過ぎてく日々なら 明後日、明日、今日、意味がある
迷ってばっか 一刻一刻と カレンダーの日付 コツコツと
待ってくれるわけなんてないんだ じゃあ今 速攻で即行動

意味が無いとただ決めつけて 扉閉めてるんだ
見えない様 聞こえない様にしてるだけ
明日何が出来るかなんて 君が決めるだけ
恐れずに次の一歩 ほら 踏み出せ!!!

君の扉を開ける鍵は いつも君のポケットの中
いま開けば ほら目の前に きっと待ってる

その一歩で 前に出たなら

いつかきっと あなたの『夢』が『想い』が届くんだ!!!
思い切りやり抜いたら 気持ち×100!!!
扉開くには その想い 全部抱え ほら 踏み出せ!!!

君が開く その目の前に 明日の自分は見えていますか??
新しい扉のその先に きっと出逢える
君の扉を開ける鍵は いつも君のポケットの中
いま開けば ほら目の前に きっと待ってる

Monday, December 15, 2008



So I succeeded in getting you curious over this ;)
The thing in the picture is some kind of sweets that is called ANMAN, which is also the way you say AMMAN in Japanese. (Here is the what-I-think-is funny part in case you didn't notice!).

ANMAN is some kind of bread/cake filled with red bean paste (ANKO).
The 'AN' part came from the above word ANKO(餡) .ANKO is used in a lot of types of Japanese sweets.
This ANMAN is eaten hot and I enjoyed eating it on my way home in that cold evening.
*Update 2:
And according to T senpai,
-MAN' means MANJUU(饅頭)
(Rikai chan :
饅頭 : Steamed yeast Bun with filling)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Monday, December 08, 2008

☆Ad7a Mubarak!!☆

While you are enjoying Eid, I was doing my research progress presentation(T^T)
Well it's better than staying home and sleep until late time, which is what I used to do most of the times in Eid.
I kind of dislike the 3ajga of visits, kids and sheeps! =p
Eid Mubarak everyone!!

Now that's amazing!

You have to see the way it falls.. just like snow.

Friday, December 05, 2008