Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something you see alot in Japan

During my stay in Japan, i would encounter this logo like 10000000 times a day.

Anyone knows what is this?

Ok. Its a very famous Japanese transport company called Yamato transport..or also known as kuroneko (black cat).
It wasn't my first time to know about it. I knew about it for the first time when i was once waiting in the Embassy of Japan waiting room and read some magazines there. There was an article about it, and it talked about how reliable and fast its service is.
So everytime u see a blackcat, remember this company! ^_^

Monday, September 24, 2007

Japanese delegation activities in Jordan

Hi again!^^
The Japanese delegation members went back to Japan. We had really nice times and learned alot of things through this exchange. The farewell party took place this friday, but im very sad because i couldnt go due to some circumstances.
Anyway, in this post i want to share some links from the Japanese embassy website about the activities of the Japanese delegation members in Jordan.

The Youth Mission deepened its understanding of Islam

Discussion sessions

Visit to UN organisations

Have a nice time. mata ne~!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

大塚愛 さくらんぼ ♪

lol!! very cute song!(>ω<)

手帳開くともう 2年たつなって
やっぱ実感するね なんだか照れたりするね
そういやヒドいこともされたし ヒドいことも言ったし
中身がいっぱい詰まった 甘い甘いものです(イェイ!)

泣き泣きの一日や 自転車のたびや
書き表せれない だって多いんだもん

笑顔咲ク 君と つながってたい
もしあの向こうに 見えるものがあるなら
愛し合う 二人 幸せの空
隣どおし あなたとあたし さくらんぼ♪

もらった物は そう 愛を感じ
あげたものはもちろん 全力の愛です
やっぱいいもんだよね 共同作業罰ゲーム
おもいがけなく歴史は さらに深いけれど(イェイ!)

一つでもかけてたら とんでもなく
足りない 足りない 足りない 二人の絆

笑顔咲ク 君と 抱き合ってたい
もし遠い未来を 予想するのなら
愛し合う 二人 いつの時も
隣どおし あなたと あたし さくらんぼ

笑顔咲ク 君と つながってたい
もしあの向こうに 見えるのものが あるなら
愛し合う 二人 幸せの空
隣どおし あなたと あたし さくらんぼ(もう一回)

笑顔咲ク 君と 抱き合ってたい 
もし遠い未来を 予想するのなら
愛し合う 二人 いつの時も
隣どおし あなたと あたし さくらんぼ

愛し合う 二人 幸せの空
愛し合う 二人 幸せの空
隣どおし あなたと あたし さくらんぼ

More pichu pics

Hello everyone! as promised,more out-of-the-cage pichu pictures. Enjoy!^^
Dedicated to Ocha no Ahamado san.

playing outside.It is generally not preferred to make hamsters play outside,but i just wanted pichu to play a little under the sun.
The fun thing is that hamsters usually follow the closest wall when introduced to a place for the first time..wall follower maze solving algorithm! :p

pichu when he was very young, maybe his first couple of days with me. He was very small that he could completely hide inside my hands when they are closed like shown in the picture!

I have some nice videos too, but they are mendoukusai to upload with my humble upload speed, so ill just leave u with pics!^^;
mata ne~!

Monday, September 17, 2007

新しい学期が始まります::A new semester starts

Today my last semester in J.U.S.T. started. I was a little gloomy today so i did'nt go (-_-)
This time i only have 2 courses. I hope it will be a light semester....but i will still continue my training along with the will end by the end of october.

The previous 2 days, I hosted a homestay for one of the Japanese delegation members (Mari san).
We had loads of fun and she had experienced Ramadan and life in Irbid.

I'm a little frustrated because i want my Japanese conversational skills to be better. When i speak japanese, i always need to switch to english at some point.(T_T)
..anyway, i'm thinking to open a free japanese language course in my university. i will see if this can work or not! i hope it will^^
mata ne~!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramadan Kareem!

Unfortunately, most people fail to understand the real spirit of Ramadan.
They think its all about fasting and keeping up wih the new TV shows, and forget the important values that are taught by fasting; like self-control /discipline , understanding the suffering of those who can't find food to support their life, helping the poor and the homeless, family gatherings at the time of Iftar, and ofcourse not to forget to mention the health benefits of it.

Actually having experienced the discussion sessions in both Jordan and Japan and having met with alot of people from around the world, i became sure that there are alot of misconceptions about Islam, Jordan, or the middle east area in general.
The image that reaches out to the people through the media is fully or partially wrong.
But everyone can dig in and get the right information if he truely wants to.

Ramadan kareem for all ! Hope you will have a great 30 days, and i hope that more people will deepen their understanding to us. (^_^)y

Monday, September 10, 2007

DS-2007 Jordan

Hi all! ohisashiburi da yo ne~!
I was a little busy with the Discussion Session activities with the Japanese delegation.
In the discussion sessions we had here, we discussed 3 topics : Environment, Media and Education. I attended the environment and the media discussions.
The environment discussion took place the day before yesterday (saturday september 8th) in the dead sea. We had a great discussion and nice for pictures!

Deadsea view..really nice(saturday september 8th)

Deadsea in the background, in the break during environment discussion
(saturday september 8th)

After media discussion in Amman youth house
(Friday september 7th)

My media discussion group
(Friday september 7th)

Infront of the Amman youth house
(Friday september 7th)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ようこそ!ヨルダンへ!!::Welcome to Jordan!!(^_^)

Tonight at 2:00 am, the Japanese delegation will arrive to Jordan.
They are the Japanese volunteers that took us in the Tokyo tour when we were in Japan. I'm looking forward to meet them again!
We will have alot of activities, and they will have fun touring Jordan. We will also provide homestay for 2 nights in Ramadan. I'm glad they will experience Ramadan with us.
I hope we will all enjoy our times! (^_^)