Thursday, March 25, 2010

春よ来い 早く来い~♪ :: Come spring, come fast

This is a very nice traditional children song that sticks quickly to your mind the moment you hear it!
It talks about waiting for spring and looking forward for the joy it brings.
See the video and the lyrics below. I'll provide a rough translation between brackets.

歌詞 Lyrics:

春よ来い 早く来い (oh spring come, come fast)
あるきはじめた みいちゃんが (Mii chan, that started walking )
赤い鼻緒の じょじょはいて (Wore the sandals with red straps )
おんもへ出たいと 待っている (waiting "I wana go outside")

春よ来い 早く来い (oh spring come, come fast)
おうちのまえの 桃の木の (The peach tree in front of our house)
つぼみもみんな ふくらんで (all the buds are growing bigger)
はよ咲きたいと 待っている (waiting "I want to bloom fast")

Notes :
-じょじょ(jojo) is a childish pronunciation of 草履(Zouri) which means traditional Japanese sandals.
-おんも(onmo) childish pronunciation of 表(omote) which means the front of house.
-Who is Mii chan?
Mii chan is modeled after the eldest daughter of the lyrics writer Souma Gyofuu(1883-1950).

Information and lyrics taken from this page :

Have a nice time listening!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

家でやろう! Please do it at home!

I have been thinking to write about this for a very long time!

「家でやろう:: Please do it at home」 is a series of "Manner posters" that Tokyo Metro started since April 2008 and publishes one each month since that time.
You can see these around all stations along the Tokyo Metro lines.

The goal of these posters is to encourage "good manners" by pointing out "bad manners" that people should avoid while using trains.
In each poster,one bad behavior is pointed out in a very easy to understand picture, and a small message explaining that behavior is included.
Some examples :

What's so nice about these is that they directly hit the point!
I don't want to go through explaining how great Japan is and compare it to other places, but I believe that the first step for any improvement in any society is to ADMIT that there is something wrong that needs to be changed. This is where Japan succeeds and others,unfortunately, fail.
More are available on the Tokyo Metro page.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Entrance exams results announcement at TOUDAI

This is an old video from 2007 but 2 days ago we had something similar in the university. I was almost moved to tears when I saw people making a new successful step in their lives.

The university cheering team congratulating the new students

Congrats all new students! (wishing to go back again to my undergrad days!)