Thursday, November 23, 2006


The last week was such a killing week for me ..loads of work was supposed to be done, alot of hours were spent, no more than 4 hours maximum sleep/day,got sick several times.....and had the most sad teary experience ever because of my dear pet hamster sad death that i'll never ever be able to 4get. ='(

Not going through the sad details,let's just talk about the happy things: The results of the continuous work were just great. We all worked as a team and came up with a great simulator for the hypothetical CPE471 machine. I'm really happy we accomplished this. (Thanks to MSN messenger, we could all stay together until hours like 5:00am with continuous work)
Next step will be the ASSEMBLER. Hope we'll learn from the mis-management issues that rised during work for the simulator.

For the gradutaion project, we almost went through selecting the parts,soon ordering will start.

Our nice computer engineering faculty building

2 new projects poped up from no where!The networks project & the simualtion project. I guess both should be relatively simple.

A nice view of the E2 wing.

For the project management course project...(>_<) ahem! i even have no idea wut the hell we r supposed to do!!n i'm not so much interested actually.. For the interfacing lab, things are going cool somehow hardly..i don't have much time for this lab the way i used to have for the old friend micro lab. + it's so much mismanaged! the TA has been changed 3 or 4 times now! + the usual lack of appropriate components....u'd always hear something like this: "Eng.! this socket is so large for this chip!",the usual reply:"just deal with it for today,u'll get new ones after..."

A picture taken in the interfacing lab
Left board: Flight board.
Right board: applications board:only used to perform the first 15 experiments in the manual(first 2 labs),just to become familiar with the kit.Not used now.

Enough for today. Hope i'll be able to update this blog more frequently.Actually i have loads of ideas,but i lack time.
see u in another post.

Friday, November 10, 2006

自分で作ったの漫画!My comic


Hi everyone! long time no post desu ne!
if u click the link below,,,you will find the manga i drew last year. Have fun and laugh alot! =D


NOTE: Right-click the link, and choose "save target as" or "save link as"!

This time i'd like to see loads of comments and suggestions! (^_^;)

Friday, November 03, 2006


Hello again from K-chan!
For those of you who are sick with the so-boring smilies like--> ;) or --> :)
and for those of you who are new to the kao-moji thing, here's an interesting (ofcourse Japanese) thing you'd like to know!
"顔 : kao "means Face. "文字 : Moji" means character ==> face characters (japanese emoticons or smilies)
In Japan most people use these smilies on IMs and SMS's (personally i think they are more lively!so i use them too).With little imagination, u can see how cool these KAO-MOJI s are :

Smiling : (^_^)

Sleeping: (-.-)ZZzzzz

Searching: (._. )( ._.)


Vectory: (^_^)V (^_^)y

raising thumb/OK! : ( ^_')b

nervous/ he he he(notice the sweat drop!) : (^_^ ;)

smoking: (-.-)y- ~ ~

OUCH! /uneasiness: (>_<)

nya nya/cat: m(=^o^=)m

crying: (T_T)

Chu! : ( -^ 3(-^_^-)

Thats all. I only used standard keyboard characters here. If u use japanese characters..another smilies world will open up! (^_^) visit this page to see more! \(^O^)/:

see u in another post! jya ne~! (^o^)/