Sunday, March 30, 2008

Learn Japanese on NHK online

NHK online دروس لتعلم اللغة اليابانية على
متاحة بعدة لغات، منها اللغة العربية.
اضغط الرابط في الأسفل

NHK online has a very interesting section for the Japanese Language.
It offers lessons in many languages including Arabic.
Click here, choose your language and start!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A buddhist dog!^^

Dogs can be so smart! This dog is called Conan and belongs to a temple in Okinawa.

When the priest starts chanting and raises his clasped hands, Conan also raises his paws and joins them at the tip of his nose.

Very funny and very cute! (>ω<)
Full story : Yahoo News

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Between Irbid and Amman

I really love the green color on the way from Irbid to Amman during spring. (By the way green was and still my favorite color since my early childhood days).
Unfortunately, these views don't last much; once Summer starts, all the fresh green grass will go dry and the only green thing you will see is the trees.

I missed a lot of other nice views. I couldn't take more pictures because the camera battery went down :(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robo-phones from SoftBank

Half a month ago, Softbank and TV Tokyo introduced the Toshiba made SoftBank 815T PB mobile phone which can transform into a robot figure.

It has enough AI to carry on simple conversations with the owner and show facial expressions on its screen.
This phone will be released soon, and I read that its related to a soon-to-be aired Japanese drama called "Ketai Sousakan 7".

I bet that the one who came out with this idea is a transformers fan!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

三月,, か?もう春です!

Finally I can keep my room windows open during day time, letting the wonderful breeze of March and the warm sun rays in!
Fresh green color everywhere..

If you look well, you can see the shade of Mt. fuj..ahh I mean Mt. Alsheikh (جبل الشيخ) in the horizon.
It becomes very clear on such clear sunny days.

The dreamy blue sky..

..colorful flowers..blossoms on trees start to bloom now with very nice blossoms and some of them look like sakura trees^^..

Also the nice sounds of new birds(other than the usual everyday life brown 3asfoor that we all know lol)..

..It's spring!How refreshing~ (¯▽¯)

I believe that these days(March, April and early May) are one of the best times any one can spend in Jordan; except for few times when the weather becomes dusty during this period.

Here is a very nice song that fits the theme of this post.
The first time I heard this song was in the super dramatic J-Dorama : "1 Litre of tears". I think anyone will also cry 1 litre of tears while watching it (T_T).
The song title is : 三月九日 which means "the 9th of March"

That's all! mata ne!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

第11回日本語弁論大会- The 11th speech contest

First, OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU for all the winners. Congratulations!!
This year's speech contest was also an unforgettable event. This time there was a presentation section(English) and a speech section (nihongo).

Official report on the Embassy of Japan site, HERE!

A lot of interesting subjects were introduced in the presentation; I remember from them: a presentations about festivals in Japan, another one about vending machines, schools, karaoke and a lot of other topics.

Winners. To the left on the lower row is MOMIJI san, the grand winner

The speeches also were really great! There were topics about Thanking mothers(winner speech), OTAKU, music, Islam... there was a topic that talked about how a cockroach could change someone's life! lol
(人生を変えたゴキブリ).. It might look like a fun topic, but it holds a deep meaning about respecting all forms of life , as I believe.

In addition to this, students from JUST and UJ performed great skits. Both were wonderful but I am mostly proud of the JUST skit performance! ^^

nihongo nakama from JUST with O sensei to the left

This year I was the MC , so you can guess, it was TAIHEN! But I'm glad everything went smoothly!

A BIG Group picture

3 big fans of nihongo!
Wasabi san, Ocha dono and Saemon san

Another thing, I would like to thank the T/O/S NIHONGO SENSEI team!! I could see how much effort it takes preparing for the supikon! おつかれさまでした!Same thanks go to anyone who contributed to this event!

Leave you now with 世界に一つだけの花 (SEKAI NI HITOTSU DAKE NO HANA) song by SMAP. It was performed in the first day of the Japan week. It's my favorite.

dewa,shitsurei shimasu!
kanji chan logs out!