Thursday, January 31, 2008

More snow surprises =D

Well it has been near a week since last snow fall..and now another package arrives from heaven!

Snow glitters under the shining sun

It kept snowing all night 30th of January until early morning today the 31st. Snow fall stopped near 8:00 am today..I immediately went out and took pictures of wonderful views.

Actually the weather was rather stormy last night and it didn't take long for snow to accumulate.
I will leave the pictures to tell the rest.

Trees totally covered with snow

Cool snow man

I had a snow battle this time too..Actually snow never fails in showing the childish sides of any person =p

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A lot of Irbid too!

It's a bit late to blog this white event.. but i have been isolated away from the world because of some ADSL subscription problems.
I'm back now! It was really hard living without the internet for 3 days!! (T_T)

Anyway, back to our main topic. In the 22nd of January, there was snow fall in most cities in Jordan, INCLUDING my city Irbid which rarely gets enough snow fall to accumulate on the ground.(Check this post of last year :p )
That was really amazing..snow continued to fall heavily for a long time starting from about 5:30pm on the 22nd . It continued to fall until a late time that night which gave chance for snow to accumulate on the ground. Next day, everything was covered in white color.

View at night. I like the view of trees covered in snow. Also the falling snow glitters in the picture because of the camera flash, nice effect!

The neighourhood

A snow man..or shall i say snow rabbit. Done by my mangaka sister Ichigo chan.

Even though I was like indifferent and refused to go out and play with snow, I went out just to take some pictures of the views at first..but after I saw the wonderful view , I couldn't resist having a wild snow battle with my little brother and sisters!
I had so much play, took many pictures and many failed attempts to make a big snow man!

I played with snow until I started to freeze! That morning was really freezing, but warm with the joy that it brought! (^_^)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Director Makoto Shinkai.. in Jordan!

Free viewing of Japanese Animation by director Makoto Shinaki in the Royal Cultural Center.

Click for a bigger version

Details on the Japanese Embassy website :

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Samurai without a master

Mission successfully completed.
In the previous post I put the daruma doll with 1 painted eye to show my commitment for doing my best for my last final exams.

The daruma doll with 2 painted eyes.

I just returned from my last exam, and painted the other eye (on Adobe Photoshop of course, since I don't have a real one :p).
It feels strange knowing that I wont be going to the university as usual.
1 visit is left for JUST while I am still considered a student, that's when I go to get my graduation certificate.

Now I became like a master-less wandering samurai .. ww

But the Kanji storm is coming soon! I'm planning to boost up my kanji during my free time..another daruma san needed? ... I am going to need a lot of them from now on^▽^)

To talk a little about the doll you see in the picture for those who feel clueless ; Daruma dolls are hollow and round Japanese dolls with no arms or legs.
They are heavy on the bottom and bounce back when tipped over, so they have become a symbol of optimism, good fortune and strong determination.

Usually they are sold without the eyeballs painted in. People paint in one eye when they set out a goal and paint in the other one when they have achieved the goal.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Not final fantasy FF, nor the hex number FF.
It's the Final Finals :p
My last JUST final exams.


And yea as usual, you can guess i was in the middle of my studying when i did this post...
I wonder why posting becomes soooo interesting during exam times! :P

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sayounara J.U.S.T. (T_T)

Long time no post. I have been lazy to post anything lately, even though ALOT OF THINGS that are worth posting happened.

My university was designed by a very very famous Japanese Architect; Kenzo Tange
He has a lot of world-wide recognized works

Starting with the fresh news :

I had my last lecture ever at JUST this Tuesday.
Yesterday (Wednesday 9th of January) was the last official day for lectures/lessons and it was the day for graduation seminars . Some of my friends had seminars yesterday, so we -the senpai s who already did their seminars last semester - attended for support! Actually it reminded me of our seminar day in MAY 2007.
So now the final exams period has started..and this time they will be my last final exams as a JUST student. I only have two; on the 16th and 17th of this month.

University looks sooo empty at the last day
This was our favorite hangout place- C square

Computer Engineering Class of 2003 poster and the graduation cards
(These card are placed for graduating students each year so friends/professors/teachers can write their wishes of luck and success for students )

I never thought the day when i will have my own card will come!

Now everyone has time to go out and have fun after seminars are over! ^_^
Yesterday in ViaVia cafe - Irbid mall

Congratulations for finishing the Graduation Projects everyone!
There will be another big go-out party after the finals! \(^o^)/

And now, for the older news :

I am very thankful for Y. san, T. sensei and O. sensei for attending our J.U.S.T. Japanese language class last Thursday, 3rd of January.
That was my last nihongo lecture. I am glad that students has learned alot.
Actually I didn't think that we will go that far in nihongo when i first though to open the class.

A view of the class with our guests
Thanks Dr. Abu 3ein for attending too :)

gakusei VS sensei !
Center workshop announcements in the background and our class announcement is there

Pictures with students who participated in the skits

Done by our great MANGAKA Ru2a san.

So it's over! Actually this semester was very fast, I wasn't particularly busy at any time other than exam times.
This was a VERY special semester-especially the last part of it.
Now some people can say that they studied nihongo in IRBID during a whole semester! (^o^)y

Congrats Everyone!
卒業おめでとう !! (^_^)y

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008!!


Happy new year for you all! May this new year be full of peace, happy times, achievements and success for everyone! ^^ ..ah forgot to mention the mice..may all the mice live peacefully too :D


According to the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which are widely known and used in Japan, this year, 2008, is the year of the Mouse (^ω^)
For more info on the 12 animals on :

In Japan, new year cards are widely used. Each year people send alot of them. They are called NENGAJOU (年賀状). Here are some cute nengajou i found on

Time to bid farewell to a very special year!
Welcome 2008!! kore kara mo ganbarimasu!
Best of Luck everyone!!