Sunday, October 29, 2006

四年の戦いが始まる!-The 4th year battle is starting..

It has been a long time since i last placed a post here.
Ramadan & Eid are over,tomorrow we'll be back to the university after 10 days vacation..but this time, back with the official class hours!(ya3ni 1hour/1:30 hour lectures and 3hours for labs!) XD
But the best thing is that i can drink my morning Nescafe before going to the classes! =D

I spent most of my vacation time working on our endless projects(..and welcoming endless guests too who came for Eid! )
I have this course that is called SP (system programming).By the end of the course we must come up with a simulator/assembler!The work is progressing really good,,iwas soo worried before, but now i can tell that it will be one of the best projects inshalla!
Working for this project is the most exciting thing i did since the micro lab! (^_^)y

I'll stop here for today!
Goodluck 4th year warriors! \(^0^)/

Monday, October 23, 2006


"Walla ya 5aytee, haina 3aisheen. kef el wlad?..
Shoftellek hadeek el marra BESSET el jeeran. yeeeee,law tshoofee esh kanat labse alla ye5zeeha......blablabla"

lol i cant imagine another scenario for this picture!! =D

I LOVE this AD.!!

i found this ad in Alrai news paper. Immedialtely scanned it n added it to this post!

dont u think the lower phrase pointed to by an arrow is COOL ?? (^_^)y

Saturday, October 21, 2006

....& what about BioComputers?!(^_^)

Would you like to INTERFACE your brain cells to a computer one day? =D
this topic is very interesting, i heard about it for the first time from Dr. Eldos.
How does it feel to be able to communicate with an MC68000 with your brain directly? ^^ check the links below!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Quantum Computers

From the famous Relativity of Einstein, we know that nothing can beat the speed of light.
Ever imagined that computing speed will reach the speed of light someday in the future.
well, lets just remove the idea of representing data using 0's& 1's (or voltages in general) from our minds, since this would become a history one day.
Using light to transmit data isnt a new thing at all..what we are talking about here is STORING data using light! u might ask : how would we KEEP or STORE the light, shall we FREEZE it?
(loud laugh!)
But that's it! its true! see how to reduce the speed of light to a halting point!! :


Hello Chibi!

Chibi-chan on my papers & between the wires with a silly face! loool

チビちゃん、、かわいいいいいい! (-^_^-)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

え?アマーニ先生?! lool ( ^_')b

NOTE: to view japanese in this post, change the character encoding to Japanese.

This post is dedicated to Rasha-chan! =)

Any friend of me must be capable of using & understanding at least 5 of these 10 Japanese words successfully!=D :

1-Hai ! = Yes!

2-Arigatŏ! = Thank you!

3-Sumimasen! = Pardon me!,excuse me!

4-Hayaku! = Hurry up!

5-Kon’nichi wa! = good day!

6-Kawaii! = (fill in the blank..lool)

7-Wakatta! = I got it!,understood!

8-Atsui! = Its hot!

9-Samui! = Its cold!

10–chan & -kun

*NOTE: for the pronounciation, the vowels sounds are exactly like the vowels in French! (remember? A I U E O!)

Now, Japanese Language has 3 writing systems (don’t panic, its simple).Japanese use a mix of all the three.

1- Kanji: These characters are originally imported from china. Japanese use about 2000 of these(The original Chinese ones are approx 6000 in total). Kanji must be learnt by heart. This would make no sense for you at the beginning, but when you go a little deeper you’ll discover that learning Kanji is the most exciting thing you can do! + you’ll start to see more logic behind it!
(Kanji includes the meaning of the start to associate shapes with meanings)
For me, I guess that I can recognize approx 350-400 kanji. Studying kanji can be fun & challenging!

Hiragana : hiragana is the first system that school kids learn in Japan. They are simply letters (the alphabet of the japanese)

Katakana : katakana has the same sounds that Hiragana has, but its written with different set of characters. They are usually used to write names of foreign people & places.

All three systems are used in conjunction.

Examples: (the word EIKYUU=eternity in the three systems)
永久 (EI - KYUU)
-Hiragana :
えいきゅう(E - I – KYU - U)

-Katakana: エイキュウ(E – I - KYU - U)

note that the kanji is all about symbols! Each symbol can be read with multiple letters of hiragana.

The easiest is the 4th system, the ROMA-JI. In this system we write Japanese in English letters. This is used in books for foreign learners to make reading easy!

ROMA-JI example: writing the word:  山 (やま) as YAMA, Which means a mountain.

Hope that this was a useful post! Any Questions are welcome! (^_^)y

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My obsession-part2-Language

WARNING: you might get bored!this post is about my story with the japanese language..its a long one!! =)

I started my journey with the Japanese language sometime between 8th and 9th grade when i first found the old Japanese language books that belonged to dad.
Long time ago,dad worked as an Engineer in Toshiba in the UAE,and seems he got involved in a Japanese class for beginners! But i think he didnt think to advance more in the language....any way our topic is ME & not him!

I kept the books for myself and took a look inside from time to time..before i knew it, i found myself addicted to the language and started to spend hours learning the characters..this interest developed to include culture, music, j-friends online,...I always felt happy to recognize Japanese charaters when they appear in Anime (Animation..most animation that you see on TV is Japanese).

As a 10th-12th grader, i always talked about japanese, filled the board with japanese characters,
used to hear the word "CRAZY" alot and taught some close friends a word or two!
when there were multiple amani's in the class i was refered to as amani-japanese or takashi!lol
As a 10th grader, i knew that i wanted to study computer engineering, then i discovered that it would be cool to combine computers and Japan(so homogenous,ne!).So i setteled my life goal to be a computer engineer in Japan.
I'm still working for this..after i graduate from J.U.S.T.,im planning to apply for the schoolarships that the japanese embassy offers,,i hope i can make it!

When i compare the japanese i knew at that time with the japanese i know now,,i always discover that i went through a long way! The thing that i like most is that i can't stop this curiosity, my language is still developing until now..n i can say that i'm proud of this! (^_^)y

phew! that was tooo long! eventhough it was summarized,i can compose a book about my adventures with japanese!lol(おいおい!)=p
日本語大好き! =D
next time: a simple introduction to the language!
お楽しみに!( ^_')b

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Microprocessor Interfacing LAB!

In this lab we are going to use the FLT-86k kit + the applications board. I believe this lab is going to be loads of fun as long as time wont squeeze me!! ^_^

The FLT-68K board:
&the applications board:

The application board have alot of things(DC motor, LEDs, Heat/movement/speed sensors & alot of things!!!!)
I think this lab is going to be of great help to our graduation project!

this semester is going to be a true practical engineering experience!
i ask God to be with us!(-_-;)y ...(a)

Friday, October 06, 2006

My obsession! -part 1 : KAWAII

Simply...... Japan!!!(日本:nippon, in japanese).
"Why?".. well this is what this post is all about, cuz im sick of hearing this question everytime from ppl knowing about this obsession..lool..i'll try 2 answer that question(^_^)
For me, i believe that Japan is my perfect world.I love the language, culture, pop songs, Anime (Anime:アニメ:japanese animation),Manga(manga: 漫画 :comics) & the KAWAIIness(cuteness) culture. For this post i'll focus on this cuteness culture and list some funny symptoms of japan-mania^^

Believe it or not!Cuteness is a part of the japanese culture..everything ..everything.. no matter how serious it is ,you'll find a cuteness element into it! u'll know wut i mean when u see the pictures below:

-a Kawaii Anime character.Notice the Big shiny eyes that add more kawaii-ness!^^ :

-A kawaii depiction of Japan
Self Defense Forces on a road sign!:

-Nippon Airway plane with pokemon characters!:

-Cute merchandise is extremely popular in Japan. The two largest manufacturers of such merchandise are
Sanrio(manufacturers of "Hello Kitty") and San-X. This character merchandise is a hit with Japanese children and adults alike!:

iPOD nano with hello kitty theme!! meee waannnttt!!:

even anime chacters accompany gadgets!:

Never lose your flash USB disk cap again! :

Damn So KAWAIIIIIIII USB flashdisks!!:

I know....u r overwhelmed with Cuteness! rnt u?^^
we are not done yet! read the funny symptoms below :
Ever heard of Japan-mania? well this is true..there are alot of Japan fans all over the world!
Common symptoms: ^^
-You wont forgive anyone who can't distinguish between japan & china!
-You use the word "KAWAII" instead of "cute" in addition to alot of words you learned because of the anime u watch
-You nod with your head when saying "thank you" or "sorry"
-Anime & Manga is part of your life
-For you,Chopsticks is a piece of cake
-You consider taking off your shoes when visiting friends.
-You might started to LOVE japanese you learn it to understand Anime/Manga
-You love the Japanese Language EVEN ur goal is reversed now : you watch anime to improve ur language!
-Ur MSN is full of japanese online friends contacts
-Ur family is sick of you talking about japan day and night.
-Ur family n close friends learned few japanese words bcuz of you using them in daily life
-U have some rare reactions to situations that only japanese ppl do
-U dream often about japan
-If you have a pet, its name must be a japanese pet name
-You think about going to Japan seriously..n you already have your own plan!

*NOTE: AKIHABARA (shortened AKIBA:アキバ) is a district in Tokyo(toukyou:東京).It's considered a mecca for those technology/Anime/cute gadgets fans! For sure i'd like to visit AKIBA when i go 2 japan! \(^O^)/

Enough for today! i still have a lot to say. For now, we are finished with "cuteness" time it might be about language,anime & J-pop. Look forward for it!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


well, this post is intended to make everything clear and to protect those
little cute animals from being insulted by calling them "mice" or "rats"! lool(^_^)

Hamsters are Nocturnal (active at night) Rodents that are somewhere between a little Rabbit and a Mouse in size.
They have no tails(their tails are so short-maybe 0.5cm or so-).And i like their habit of
brooming and cleaning their soft fur each time they feel even one nanometer of dust on it!! =D

They are generally of 2 types : The teddybear hamster(known also as: syrian/golden)& the Dwarf hamsters (known also as Roborovski,russian,chinese.)
My hamster CHIBI (CHIBI-チビ means "Tiny" in Japanese)is of the first type. the second type is smaller and they look soo cute.

Teddy bear hamsters

Hamsters are so energetic, its bad to keep them in their cages all the time.Your hamster will love a hamster ball! You put them inside n keep them running n running the way they like without fearing that they migh get stuck somewhere!

Dwarf (robo)hamsters

super cute

Acting cute! lol

This baby is amazingly SMALL!

Hope this post was interesting!^^

To Robo Fans!

One of the MANY ENDLESS things i dream of is to make my own robot,..well i guess part of this dream will come true in the graduation project we r going 2 make.
We need to decide on the car model we want to use for our project..this depends on the PCB we want to use & other peripherals that we might want to connect to it! This needs careful thinking...(-_-;)
Here are some interesting robot pictures i found on the web, ENJOY!

i wonder if we can find such a roomy Car base for our project as the cars above!

The above 2 RCbots are a whole mess i think! ^_^;

This one is called a HEXABot

And the traditional robot which is recognized by most people!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My old fellow

Hi everyone, let me introduce my best Japanese childhood friend! It's the MSX AX 170! (^_^)
i had this a long time ago..maybe when i was 6. And the great thing that i still have it and its still perfectly functional! (sure it is!:p is'nt it JAPANESE piece by piece?! ;p )
Once i opened the cover and looked the board inside. It's very interesting& i read that the processor in most models is a Zilog Z80 at 3.58MHz! Some newer models like MSX2+ use a MIPS RISC 16 bits at 14.38MHz ^_^! Mine was labeled with "Toshiba" and it is a Z80 too. Pictures:

Note : The MSX is a Japanese-Kuwaity (Japanese by hardware^^)company that focuses on arabic machines.
Hope u liked it!

Monday, October 02, 2006


pictures of my cute hamster chibi chan!

chibi between fluffy teddy bears! can you spot her? ^^

more pics at :