Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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first semester, DONE!

Time really passes so quickly! i cant believe that i'll be doing my graduation seminar this coming semester!
i still remeber my first day at university! the first lecture hall, the first syllabus and the first people i met!
how cute -and EASY by the way:p - being a sanfoor was! =D

Now being a 80%Engineer also feels so good! But we all still have lots to do before we have the right to call ourselves engineers.
Its those hard sleepless times under the pressure of projects and deadlines.
Those things that make one a fine engineer.
What im saying here is that after going through the experience of being a 4th year student(only 1st semester :p ), i realized that this is THE YEAR that will test wheather you deserve this title or not.
And i quote here one sentence that i hear many times from prof.s that i respect so much :
"being an Engineer is a responsibility before being an honor, you have to make sure you are up to it".
thats right, engineers have to have great respect to Time, commitment, hardwork and ofcourse ethics!
I believe that the profs of our department are the best among all other departments! ( ^_')b
CPE rocks! =D

...well actually this wasnt the reason why i started a new post! seems that i got carried away with the engineering world!
anyway, this semester (with all its projects) is over. My finals werent as good as i wanted them to be. seems i consumed all my powers during the projects period and came into the finals exhausted..
anyway, our grad project continues! hardware components are starting to finally reach Jordan from the US. But thanx to the $%^% arabic bank and queen Alia airport who are wasting our time and money in useless procedures like their airheads!! >=(

k-chan logs out!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nice Anime opening song

i found the mp3 named flaco on my hard disk, probably one of my anime-crazy sisters downloaded it. i liked the song very much, so i searched for the anime where it was used as an opening.
The anime doesnt look as good a s the song, but its idea is nice: a boy who has a special power to turn any thing that he believes trash into trees! lool nice he might help our world with the waste & garbage problem and decrease pollution!
any way the song reminds me of the music used in the Prince of Persia 3D game. here's the song with the lyrics as a video. (make sure you learn all kanji in it! its useful ne!) (^_^)

and here's the Anime opening

soon i'll have more time to talk about anime! otanoshimi ni!(^_^)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

such a disgusting world!! >_<

what the hell is going on with this crazy world! i can't believe there's still a punishment for a human-being called "hanging".
i believe that no matter how cruel and #$%^& any one was, hanging -& killing in general- wont make any difference, it will just make more dead humans.. there are better ways of punishment for those who deserve so..im not a fan of those guys who were hanged sumwhere on this world (i'd rather say i hate them)..but as a human, i refuse such ways..any normal human should too!
i feel sick!! >_< i hate this world.. and i love mine! :p

Saturday, January 13, 2007

woof & Meow!! ワンとニャ~!loolz=D

soo funny pictures! have a good laugh! =D

MEEEYYAAAAAAAAAAAAOOO!!!wut do u wannnttt!!!i cant hear you with 1 ear!!

wahaha! i came to bring you bad luck!

toki wo tomete yo,,koNYAAAAA!! loolz


Hi babe'!

CHEEEEZZU! this one reminds me of naruto!fits for closeup toothpaste commercial!


hello zer!

ooh!i cant live anymore in such a cruel world!!
buuhuuu(T_T) how cute!

wwan!!wwan!!wwwwan!wwaannyaa~~! XD

k-chan signs out!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally!! projects are over!! XD

well finally things are coming to an end! i feel my head became lighter than before!lool projects are finally over. (except the graduation project, which is supposed to be finished next semester).
Still one more obstacle before the end of this semester comes...wut else other than the finals!! but well, i assume finals are just a nice vacation compared to the hell-like projects..

Today i had an Interfacing lab final exam..i never did as bad as i did today , really!!
And i discovered that this LAB sucks!! its useless! i learned nothing new other than developing new wire wrapping skills!:p Thank God its over,,,im very worried how much will i get out of 100 though! X(

Also today we did a presentation for the useless Project Management course..and because of it, i couldnt attend the Networks additional lecture! ='( Today was really an out-of-control day! nothing went as planned! Anyway, the coming week is free and im planning to burn myself studying for the finals!!

BIG NEWS!! : This year's Japanese speech contest topics are finally announced. I'm going to participate this year! hope i'll do great n hope u'll come!!

See you in another post! =D

Thursday, January 04, 2007

pictures pictures!

Cool pictures:

*TERUBOUZU:most of you will recognize this as the "white boy-like thing that was hung on a tree in the old anime ikkyuu-san(or iko san the way its said in arabic version ^^;)"
Well this terubouzu is hung on windows in japanese houses(mostly by children) before a day (outdoors) they are looking for so this terubouzu will bring good & not rainy weather.how cute!

*The cute j-pop star Ueto Aya

*FUURIN: In summer you can see alot of these wind chimes in japan
(like i've ever been there =p).
Their soft jingling sound with each light summer breeze is so nice. I like these fuurins actually..i got myself one (from a shop in irbid =p )and hung it on my room door, i like their sound.but sure it looks a bit different from the jap one.

*And here's a picture that has been waiting since last Ramadan to be posted here:[ jaaaan!]

This is the way i used 2 enjoy eating the wonderful indomie noodles after each iftar! yep with chopsticks! using chopsticks is easy and fun.

See ya in another post!

Monday, January 01, 2007

明けましておめでとう Happy new year!!

Happy New Year everyone!
May it be a year full of achievements,new starts & dreams that come true! (^_^)
And may our world become a better place to live in! >_<