Saturday, November 28, 2009

The count down to the JLPT2

Sorry for the long silence!!

One week is left for the JLPT.
I chose to take level 2 this time.

Last week I was invited to take a mock exam for the NEW JLPT.
People who follow the JLPT news know that starting 2010 the test will have 5 levels instead of 4, with a new level between the original 3 and 2 levels.
I was assigned to take this new level in the mock exam. Completed all the sections and at last filled a newspaper large questionnaire , got 2000 yen for my cooperation in taking the exam and filling the questionnaire and went back home.

My feedback about this new level(called N3) : You can get the feeling it is between L3 and L2 .. but it's kind of closer to L3.
As an L2 taker for this year, it felt really easy.. in the sense that I don't expect my mistaken answers to exceed 3 questions.

Anyway, back to the real exam talk.
Two days ago I tried to solve the last year questions from the official 2008 L2 Questions&their answers compilation.
I set a timer for each section and tried to solve the questions as if in the real exam.
... so at last I scored my answers and figured out that I got [337/400] which means84% ...

..but the good thing is, while looking at my mistakes and their correct answers I could learn a couple of new grammar patterns that I've never heard of before.
Will do my best in the remaining one week to get a high score!!