Friday, February 27, 2009


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In my lab as usual.I would be checking the news for a day off if I were in Jordan w

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Japanese Language Intensive course completion ceremony

...And so, I graduated from class 4.
This class gave my Japanese language another push up!
We mainly studied Japanese that is used in research papers and articles.
From time to time, we studied texts taken from newspapers or novels.

Teachers and students of Class 4

At the end of the course we made a presentation in which we introduced our research theme in a general way that allows a general audience understand.
And as a tradition after each completion ceremony, I spent some fun time singing in the karaoke with two class mates.

So I had the honor to be a student of Class3 (last semester) and Class4 (this semester) of the international center at Tokyo University.
For me, Class3 felt like the teenage stage for my Japanese language. Class4 moved it more into the early adult stage.
In case you were wondering, YES, I will continue to take classes as long as I can. For me Japanese language is a life long trip! 頑張ります!!o(>o<)O

Here is a treat! I hear this so often in the convenience stores recently. A very nice song but doesn't match the theme of this post so much.

Other news :

-I'm MOVING SOON.. I'm gonna miss this place.

-As for the COMING SOON post, I need more time ^^;
-My English feels strange..

Monday, February 16, 2009


On Valentine's day ..


COMING SOON ですぅ!お楽しみに!
Look forward for the next post~

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Torture of another type!

YaY! Finally I found some time to play after I almost killed myself preparing for the research progress presentation...
Anyway..we entered this sweets heaven-like shop. Everything looks so yummy, so sweet..
Enjoy the pictures!

All kinds of sweets and cookies!

Noodles too!

Any food you can think of!

Any sweets you dream of!

Some sweets-land locals..



Take a deep breathe!

.....but!'s all plastic!! XD

*Update 1: Where?
A famous street called kappabashidori (合羽橋通り) full of shops for selling plastic food and other restaurant essentials. It is located between Ueno and Asakusa stations.
Kappabashi on Wikipedia

*Update 2: Why plastic food?

There are 2 main reasons.

1) Almost all restaurants here have very realistic plastic models for the food they offer. They usually place these in a glass box on the entrance. So these plastic foods are mainly bought by restaurant owners.
This way, when u go to a restaurant, you can see how the dish would look like before you actually order it.

2) Some of these plastic foods have magnets on the back. You can use these as kitchen decorations..on the fridge for example.

See these google image search results:
Japan plastic food