Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The slowest 5 days / 試験中の誕生日

Can't believe my schedule only has 2 tasks left! XD I have been keeping this word file since the beginning of this busy semester, and add tasks/assignments/exams/homeworks to it. And it feels good to erase a task every day! (^o^)

Only 5 days remaining..i'll see them as 5 years!!

And yea! today is 29/5! this means im already 21 years old!(O_o)
happy birthday to me! (^_^) mattaku never had my birthday free of exams..neither in school days nor in university days!(T_T)

3rd JUNE k-chan returns! look forward for the new posts! (^o^)y

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Away for a while!

Yo minasan! genki~? ^^
Soon this semester will come to an end. This period will be very busy for me! its the period of project deadlines and final exams! (O_o) Our graduation project seminar will be soon! (can't believe we are doing a graduation project seminar,ureshii~ sniff sniff T_T never thought that this day will come so quickly!)
So i'll be away for some time(max 1 month) from my blog!
Thanks for all commenters who always visit my blog and support it. Inshalla ill be back with a whole bunch of nice topics to post! Look forward for it! Otanoshimi ni~!!

ja ne~! (^_^)/
K-chan signs out!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Introducing Shibuya 8! ハチ公::HACHIKOU

In this post am going to talk a bit about the faithful dog HACHIKOU.(Dogs are among the animals i like so much!)

HACHIKOU was the answer to the previous post quiz.
*8 : eight in Japanese= HACHI: ハチ in katakana
*Public : kanji part KOU : 公
*Shibuya : It has a popular statue in Shibuya.

The first time i knew about this statue was from the anime "CHO GALS!!" which took place mostly in Shibuya, where it appears several times.
(The anime is very nice and funny! i just saw a couple of episodes only, i couldnt get the rest >_<)

I knew the story of this dog but never knew the name of it until Saqf san mentioned its name in one of his posts! (im glad i finally knew hachikou 's name!)

Now to the story of Hachikou : Hachikou was a very faithful dog(faithful dog hachikou :忠犬ハチ公), he always used to see his master off at the shibuya station and always waited him to come back at the end of the day.
When his master died, he kept coming to the station everyday waiting for his master. He did so for 11 years! (sniff sad story T_T )
People were amazed by how faithful hachikou was, so they built a statue after him. (important dog! ^^ )

These were images i took from the net.I hope one day ill be able to write another post with images of hachikou taken by my own camera! \(^o^) /
You can visit HACHIKOU on wikipedia for more details.
Hope you enjoyed it!
See you next post!

Friday, May 04, 2007


A famous name of an animal
It's mentioned in one of the blogs under the "Fresh from Japan" links.
If u want to reach the answer,think in Japanese !

* 8

can't be any easier ne!
Try and post the answer!
I'll make my next post about it (^_^)