Sunday, April 29, 2007

Golden Week

Today is the start of the Golden week in Japan. Golden week refers to four national holidays in Japan that fall into one week. It's one of the most important and most busy holidays in Japan.

Probably most of you will recognise the 子供の日::kodomo no hi::children's day(boy's festival), in which Japanese families pray for the health and success of their sons. They hang carp-like streamers and display samurai dolls.
Kodomo no hi is the 5th day of the 5th month( 5th of May). Notice that also girls day was the 3rd day of the 3rd month (3rd of march).

Families hang such wind streamers in Kodomo no hi, im sure most of you saw such streamers in anime-specially old ones that r targeted for kids-
The biggest one represents the father, then the mother is the one below, last one is the son.

The other 3 days in the golden week are:
-29April : Showa no hi : which is the birthday of emperor showa,the former emperor of Japan
-3rd of May:kenpo kinen bi :constitution day
-4th of May : Midori no hi : green day : a day to enjoy nature in Japan, like the one we used to have in Jordan (spring day), but there is no more spring day holiday :(

hope you enjoyed the info! ^^ see you next post & keep up the comments! \(^o^)/

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

K-chan Recommends(1)::DATTE BA YO!

I can't believe this blog has been open for nearly 7 monthes now and i never made a post on anime!! it's time for Anime recommendations then! (1 anime per post)

Naruto (ACTION/martial arts/comedy) : this NINJA anime is really the best of its type,,best action ever! the story is well structured and the characters develop with the story as the episodes go on.
The comedy you find in it is really the best too!

"Ore..dareni mo makene~n datte ba yo!"

"omee~! nani surundatte ba yo?!"

and so cute change on the character(good if they decided 2 change it to an anime for kids!lool)

(I published this post from my drafts. I had this post actually written before 3 monthes ago! so i thought better 2 publish it before it rottens up! lool)
*No guarantees on when the next recommendation will be! :D
see you in the next anime recommendation!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Japanese Photo Exibition in Irbid Municipality Hall

Hi all! i attended the event and took some shots too! So,i thought blogging today's event would be cool! ^_^
The photos were truely nice. They reflected the life of Japanese children after WW2.(本当の「戦争の子供」の写真を見た::i saw real pictures of "children of war" )
Some pictures were truely heart breaking, others were cheerful.
It was a nice experience , here are some pictures i took :
(All photos of exibition were taken by Japanese photographers, all rights reserved ^_^ )

A sad image that shows 2 survivors of the NAGASAKI bombing holding rice balls.

A child of war time

The cheerful Japanese Spirit

So cute

Modern Okinawa girls

A Japanese girl with a very deep expression of sadness for the devastation of her house because of an earthquake

Cute Jap kids

The "KAWAII culture" i always refer to! :)

Totally efficient! a mother with her 3 kids on 1 bike. I love this pic!

Japanese Young mama's ( u dont usually see such thing!:D , this is a picture in SHIBUYA if i remember well)

Hope you enjoyed them! and hope we'll have more Japanese event in Irbid!
ja ne~~! (^o^)/ k-chan logs out!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Japanese photo exibition in IRBID ^_^

hey all! long time no post ne~~! well its not like i became less busy, rather i cant leave my lovely blog to starve from lack of posts!!
Monday 16/4 is the opening of the Japanese photo exibition : "Scenes of Childhood:
Sixty Years of postwar Japan" at the Greater Irbid Municipality City Hall. This looks so much interesting , i'm planning to go there too, cuz u know Japanese events in Irbid are not like a matter of everyday life! lool

For our project, things are going fine but we need to hurry up sonce we are running out of time!
I'll post pictures of our car robot once it is done.
Currently, i'm trying to apply for a scholarship to Japan. Hope things will go fine.
Im more determined now to complete my study there, since i saw many people already living my dream currently!
See you in another post! ja ne~~!