Friday, February 23, 2007

The 10th Japanese speech contest poster

One week is left!! Do ur best everyone!!
あと一週間!皆さん、頑張ってくださいね! ( ^_')b

Friday, February 16, 2007

(T_T)how cuuttee! childhood times! XD

And you ask me why i love Japan ! The fact is that i have been loving japanese anime since i was 5 or 6 years old! being introduced to something japanese this early, wont u expect me to become a Japan-crazy at least? =D well i found this video on youtube! it brings back colorful childhood memories!! i felt like cryin when i saw it, i guess this character have been a hero for alot of you too!^_^ journies through rainbows, the world of Umbrellas(or so called thing:p)!

Friday, February 09, 2007

preparing for DA SPEECH! ^^;

THE DAY is becoming closer and closer. The 3rd of march will be such a day for me, its the day of the Japanese speech contest that will be held in J.U. in the language center.
I'm participating in the speech session (there are normally 2 sessions : HAIKU session -Japanese poetry- and SPEECH session.
The one who wins #1 in the SPEECH session will be recommended by the embassy for the youth exchange program and will go to Japan for 2 weeks!! キャア~~ i cant lose this chance XD im gonna do my best! (n even if nothing nice happened ill stay OK since am having fun starting now!! )
its really nice going often to JICA to discuss the speech with the やさしい( YASASHII :nice)japanese teacher KOBAYASHI SENSEI(小林先生). She is spending time helping me and im so thankful!!
(ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU ありがとう ございます) (^_^)
About the speech, i'll do a big post about it and about its subject..(i'll even post the english version of it for those who are interested)..but ill do so AFTER the 3rd of march,,cuz u know there are strong competetors out there! ;) ....Anyway J.U.S.T.anians, wish the only J.U.S.T.anian in the contest best of luck! GANBARIMASU!! (がんばります:I'll do my best)

Read details here:
see you in another post! JA NE!(じゃね!)