Saturday, March 14, 2009

桜前線情報::Sakura forecast

Today's weather forecast: The Sakura wave will start moving gradually north the country. This will be accompanied by sakura that start blooming on the days shown on the map for each area. The wave will reach its peak after one week of the dates shown. After that it will gradually weaken and light rains of sakura petals are expected.
..(I made this up but it has a lot of facts)

The sakura wave front map

The Japan meteorological agency released the sakura forecast recently. Click here to check.
In this season, you can see information about sakura blossoms and the degree of blooming after each weather forecast.

A picture from the web

Autumn leaves as well as Sakura blossoms have their own forecasts in Japan. Especially sakura trees, they have a very special place in the heart of all Japanese people. And of course in mine~

Most areas are still in the initial bud stage

It's the season where people start checking forecasts and planning their Hanami.
Here in Tokyo, most Sakura is still in the TSUBOMI = bud state, but some single trees here and there are already in full bloom. Different types I guess.

I can't believe that one year has already passed since I was last checking sakura information sitting on my desk in my room in Jordan..then to find myself after few weeks doing a real Hanami..

Anyway, I'm planning to take a lot of great sakura pictures this year so look forward for this!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The 12th Japanese language speech contest reports.
Waiting for more reports!^^
Special offer: Write your report now and get a chance to win.. NOTHING!!!! (valid until 15th of March)


@Iman's Universe

@A Momiji Trip

@Rua's visions ←優勝者のレポート!:The grand winner's report

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The 12th Japanese language speech contest!

I can imagine the atmosphere there now and can only wish to be there!
I wish everybody the best of luck and a great experience! (Especially those who I enjoyed the Japanese language class with at JUST : Yzn san, Iman san, Rawand san and Rua san!!)
.... I think the results are about to be out by I'm waiting for interesting reports on all blogs!!
Ganbare minna! \(^0^)/

Thursday, March 05, 2009


*mobile blogging*

Monday, March 02, 2009

Hints of spring

Today I went to the new city office to complete the procedures of address changing and other stuff.
I officially and finally moved.(Still no internet)
I really had a very hard time during the previous month in room searching and in the whole moving process~ (I moved my stuff "manually" >< ).. Anyway now its March and you can see some early spring signs here and there.

Find the bird in the picture and get.... nothing

I took these pictures for a sakura(?) tree infront of the city office. I was surprised because its almost in full bloom while we are at the beginning of March. And there was only this one tree.
But I heard there are many types of Sakura and they bloom at different seasons..
Until next time..