Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Naruto LOLs!(^o^)

Some funny naruto pics! time for more laughs^^

sasuke : "daddy?" :D :D

Well you wont get the humor out of this unless you know both pokemon and naruto!
They totally match!!:D

When Gaara acts cute! XD

Ra-men datte ba yo!


Shannarou~~! (any one knows wut it means by the way?)^^;

koko made de~su!

Firefo..i mean fire きつね! :D

So creative、anime style firefox logos! :D


Monday, July 02, 2007

デスノート is over

Yesterday i finally downloaded the last 2 episodes(36 and 37) of "death note" one of the best anime i ever watched. I dont wana spoil and say anything about these two episodes, ill just say they are just AMAZING! Death note is one anime that can make you feel the thrill and succeeds in driving your nerves up and down! (^o^)

saa,whose name will u write next?:p
I suggest to write VIZ media who gave kuro-hana subbers the C&D! \(´▽`)

L and Yagami Raito

Top left clockwise: Shinigami Remu, L, misamisa chan, L
I wonder if anyone from this blog visitor watches deathnote ^^; Just thought death note is worth dedicating a post!(^_^)
currently im downloading a Japanese drama: "boku no ikiru michi": "the way i live",it was recommended by k-sensei. i watched the 1st episode and i think its very nice AND sad!(T_T)
mata ne!