Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy to the limits!! :: チョ忙しい!

Long time no post! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~!! i am very busy these days. You'll find me in either one of 3 states : studying on my desk,sleeping on my bed or eating(for no more than 5 min)...and today i allowed myself 3 minutes to write this post! =D
I have this graduation project that is taking my whole time! .. i'm even started to get degraded performance in other courses. (MUCH DEGRADED PERFORMANCE actually)

Anyway, everyone, wish me luck! and wish our little robot project luck too! (^_^,)y
It's only this semester! its like the final battle! i'll do my best!

See ya in another post (and i doubt that this will be soon LOL ) (-_-;)

Friday, March 16, 2007

桜 :: SAKURA trees

Soon Japan will be covered with the lovely SAKURA trees!
One of the things i dream 2 do one day is to sit under full-bloom SAKURA trees in Japan! ^_^

A sakura tree picture from the net:

here is picture of a tree similar 2 sakura. I took this picture in our university last year:

Here's how sakura is written in kanji:

Notice the KI (Tree) kanji part and the ONNA(woman) kanji part.
see ya next post! (^_^)/

雪 :: YUKI :: snow

Today was such a cold day! Jordan had snow fall today..well not all of Jordan actually, only Ajlun, Amman and other high cities... Ofcourse,as usual, Irbid stays snow-less! :D mattaku~ T_T
i was looking a while ago at blogs of bloggers who had posted pictures of today's snow, they were really nice..buuhuu me want snow >_<
And here, its not like i don't have snow pictures to post!! i do have a snow picture!and its really nice one! here is it :

Its the YUKI kanji picture :D :D that's what i can do when snow doesnt fall in Irbid (笑) just play with kanji^^ don't you think its nice?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


この歌が大好き! スピコンで、みんながその歌を歌いました!
its really nice, download it here :
ue wo muite arukou
Note: the one that u'll download is the original traditional song, still very nice. The one in the supikon was remixed and a guitarist played along with was very nice!!


上を向いて 歩こう
涙が こぼれないように
思い出す 春の日

にじんだ 星をかぞえて
思い出す 夏の日

幸せは 雲の上に
幸せは 空の上に

上を向いて 歩こう
涙が こぼれないように
泣きながら 歩く



悲しみは 星のかげに
悲しみは 月のかげに

上を向いて 歩こう
涙が こぼれないように


I look up when I walk down, down the street all alone.
So tears will not wet my cheeks as I walk along.
I remember the spring days I spent with you,
But now every night I'm left all alone.

I look up when I walk down, down the street all alone.
I count the blurry stars with my tearful eyes.
I remember the summer days I spent with you,
But now every night I'm left all alone.

I hope for happiness beyond the clouds.
I hope for happiness high up in the sky.

I look up when I walk down, down the street all alone.
So tears will not wet my cheeks as I walk along.
With tears in my eyes, I walk along;
I walk along the street all alone.


I remember the autumn days I spent with you,
But now every night I'm left all alone.

I hope my sorrows will go beyond the stars.
I hope my sorrows will go beyond the moon.

I look up when I walk down, down the street all alone.
So tears will not wet my cheeks as I walk along.
With tears in my eyes, I walk along;
I walk along the street all alone.

I walk along the street all alone.

Hope u liked it!(^_^) / K-chan signs out!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

「戦争の子」の勝ちだ! ( ^_')b

woohoo! I just came back from the 10th japanese speech contest..Today was such a blast!!
All contestants were great! i like the way how japanese language evolve in jordan from year to year! and im glad i was included in this evolution!
Last year, i was just an attendant for the 9th contest,,it was the first time i hear that such contests exist in jordan..(mattaku irubiddo wa... ^^; ) ..i watched all the contestants n i was really happy and motivated to the limits!!..thats why i decided to participate n do my best to win next year.
and i am today, participated, had fun, met friends, met new friends and won.
Im so glad that i fulfilled the goal i sat infront of my eyes last year. It's a dream coming true, im finally going to Japan next July (if things went as i was told! lol )
Well anyway, what i'd like to say here is that, i cant refer what happened today only to myself..
i wouldnt have won without :

1) JICA :

*Kobayashi Sensei :thanks alot for your support! I'm so glad i got to know a SUPER sensei like you! =D 本当にありがとうございました!
*Oka sensei, Sonoda sensei (and all JICA nihongo senseis), even though we didnt meet alot, i can tell u are great senseis too! (^_^)
*NIPPON NI IRU no UKYOU sensei : Your video charged us all with highest determination! thank you alot!
*Hussam san : thanks alot for your support! you were splendid!

2) Friends :
Ahmad,Alex,Ania,Hanin,Liliana and Rasha
What can i say! i have the best friends ever! thank you all for your support..i know i wouldnt have made it without you guys!

3) Family :
Thank you for always listening to my speech..(even if i forced you to do so! )..i know you all memorized it after reading it for the 9999999999999999999999999999 time! lol

The song "ue o muite arukou" was perfect..i loved it so much!!
Contestants were great too, you all were amazing.

Phew! this was such a happy end to a day that i'll never ever forget.
And now, ill have 2 concentrate on my graduation project!!
Ahmad hanin liliana, GANBARIMASHOU YO!! let's make our little robot the best thing ever! (^_^)
K-chan signs out!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey everyone! less than 30 hours for the contest to come! =D
interested in knowing my speech topic? well here it is.
(first in japanese then scroll down for english Translation)



みなさんも ごぞんじのように、ヨルダンは中東にあって、



















は、最後に いつ両親会ったのか、覚えていない。














は たくさんの見た



(わたし)は、いつも おなかが 空いて(すいて)いる。

ここまで想像(そうぞう)して、(わたし)は、本当(ほんとう) 怖く(こわく)なってしまいました。

どうして、(わたし)は、爆弾(ばくだん) 運ばなければ(はこばなければ) ならないのでしょう。

どうして、(わたし)は、戦って(たたかって)血だらけ(ちだらけ) ならなければ ならないのでしょう。




(わたし)は、生き延びる(いきのびる)ことが できるのでしょうか。

明日(あした) どうなってしまうのでしょうか。









(わたし)は、自分(じぶん) ただラッキー(らっきー)だったと 思いたく(おもいたく)ありません。













If I was a child of war

As everyone knows, being part of the
Middle East, Jordan has always been surrounded by a lot of countries that are facing struggles because of wars.
And being Jordanian, I say that we are blessed to be living in such a peaceful country.

But what if this wasn’t the case. What if I was born in a country having war?

What if I was a child who was brought up watching war?

I wonder if the fact that I’m living in peace now was a coincidence.

..Thinking of that, I chose my speech theme.

Our Middle East world is really complicated.

Since a long time, It always had a lot of conflicts and struggles.

Everyday we see a lot of people who are killed or live through pain for the sake of hatred, revenge, or even for no reason.

If I was born in a place that knew nothing but wars, what would I have become now?

I am going to try and imagine that.

If I was a child of war

I -as the child of war- will speak.

It was so fun, the times we had before the war.

But now, everything changed.

I don’t remember when the last time I saw my parents was. I wonder if they are still alive.

I always think that I want to go back to school, but the school is not there anymore.

I loved my school and did my best studying, so my parents can be proud of me.
But now, I even forgot how to write my name.

I always used to play & run under the shiny sun in parks planted with flowers.

But now I can’t see the shiny sun because of the smoke of the bombs, parks are planted with mines, and I’m always running away for my life from the enemy and from bombs.

Children who have no parents were caught and were forced to work for war.

We are forced to carry bombs and we only have to follow orders. If we don’t, we’ll be killed…A lot of kids were killed

I saw a lot of blood…

My warm fluffy bed isn’t there anymore.

We always sleep under the cold sky with the scary sounds of bombs and war alarms.

Even food isn’t enough. We are always hungry.

…what I have imagined so far really made me scared!

Why am I forced to carry weapons?

Why do I have to fight and stain my hands with blood?

Why was my school destroyed?

Why were my friends killed?

Why won’t I see my parents again?

Will I survive? What will happen tomorrow?

I hate war.

I tried to imagine being a “child of war”, but in countries around Jordan a lot of those children do exist in reality.

Wars steal innocent smiles and dreams from children and replace them with tears, fear and hatred.

It’s really such a very sad reality.

I happened to be born in Jordan; I’m living a peaceful life.

But those children who happened to be born in Iraq or Palestine are growing between struggles and bombs.

I don’t want to just consider myself lucky. I could have happened to be a child of war too, even my children could become children of war. It’s not just me; everyone here could have been a child of war.

I think we all have to imagine being children of war ourselves.

We are all hoping for peaceful lives. I believe that peace must be shared equally by all. Also, disasters that occur in our world must be shared by all.

If this wasn’t done, we will never reach peace.

Hard times, as well as Hope, both must be shared equally between all.

This is the true way towards peace.

Hope you liked it! (^_^) i'll just do my best n what ever the result was, i already won just by going through the experience and improved my japanese!! \(^o^)/